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Cruise Night at Lakeville’s Pan-O-Prog: A Classic Car Extravaganza

Every summer, Lakeville, Minnesota, comes alive with the vibrant and nostalgic celebration of Pan-O-Prog, short for Panorama of Progress. This week-long festival features a multitude of events, but none more anticipated than Cruise Night. Held on Friday night, classic car enthusiasts and community members gather to celebrate automotive history and the progress of our vibrant community.


The Main Event

Cruise Night is one of the most popular events of Pan-O-Prog, drawing thousands of spectators and participants. The excitement kicks off at 6:30 pm when a parade of more than 500 classic cars begins its cruise through downtown Lakeville. This is not just any parade—it’s a moving showcase of automotive history. Expect to see:

  • Vintage cars: Beautifully restored vehicles from the early 20th century, showcasing the craftsmanship and design of a bygone era.
  • Hot rods: Custom-built cars with powerful engines and eye-catching modifications that roar down the streets, turning heads and thrilling the crowd.
  • Muscle cars: Iconic cars from the 1960s and 1970s, known for their powerful engines and sleek designs.
  • Unique custom builds: One-of-a-kind vehicles that reflect the creativity and dedication of their owners, each with a unique story and personal touches.

The cruise route winds through historic downtown Lakeville, providing plenty of viewing spots for spectators to enjoy the scenery. Families line the streets, children wave excitedly, and the air is filled with the sounds of revving engines and enthusiastic cheers. After the cruise, vehicles will be on display throughout six blocks of Lakeville’s Holyoke Avenue. Spectators will have the opportunity to check out up to 150 vehicles.


Keep the Fun Cruisin’

 Cruise Night doesn’t end when all of the cars have parked. You can continue the fun in various spots around town:

  • Babe’s Hometown Bar: After the parade, Babe’s hosts a Cruise Night Dance featuring live music from local performers.
  • Baldy’s Tailgate Bar: Baldy’s offers a lively and interactive musical experience with dueling pianos.
  • Lions Beer Garden: Located at the Lakeville Area Arts Center grounds, this is where the community gathers for food, drinks, games and live music. The beer garden will be open before and after the cruise, and offers great views of the passing cars.
  • Market Plaza Stage: Enjoy live music before and after the cruise at the Downtown Market Plaza.


For more details about Cruise Night and a complete schedule of events, visit the Pan-O-Prog official website​.

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