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Lakeville Fireworks: A Spectacular Kick-Off to Pan-O-Prog

As the sun sets on the 4th of July, it’s time for one of Lakeville’s most beloved events—the annual fireworks show at Century Middle School. This dazzling display not only marks the celebration of summer but also kicks off Pan-O-Prog, a week-long festival that brings together Lakeville residents and visitors for a celebration of community and progress.

Pre-Show Festivities

The fun begins long before the first firework is launched. Families and friends gather at Century Middle School early in the evening, spreading out blankets and lawn chairs to claim the best viewing spots.

Pre-fireworks entertainment includes a variety of activities designed to keep the little ones entertained. Face painting booths, bounce houses and inflatable slides provide endless fun and laughter. Attendees of all ages will enjoy live music performed by a local band, as well as food trucks offering a variety of culinary options.

The Main Event

As darkness falls, the fireworks show begins in a choreographed display of pyrotechnic artistry. Each year, the show promises a mix of slow-burning, shimmering effects and rapid-fire bursts that paint the sky in vivid colors, while spectators “ooh” and “aah.”

For about 20 to 30 minutes, the sky above Century Middle School is alive with light and color. The grand finale leaves the audience in awe with a rapid succession of fireworks that culminates in a brilliant explosion.

A Grand Kickoff to Pan-O-Prog

The Lakeville Fireworks Show at Century Middle School is the perfect kickoff to the Pan-O-Prog celebration, setting the stage for a week of celebration. From parades and music to food and family fun, Pan-O-Prog offers something for everyone. Some highlights include:

  • Lions Fly-In Breakfast: Enjoy a hearty pancake breakfast while watching planes fly in and out of the nearby Airlake Airport.
  • Lions Beer, Brats & Bingo: This event combines three favorite past times into one fun evening.
  • Cruise Night: More than 500 classic cars cruise down Holyoke Avenue in historic downtown Lakeville, offering a nostalgic glimpse into automotive history.
  • Grand Parade: A crowd of more than 20,000 spectators line the streets to watch colorful floats, marching bands, and community groups make their way down Holyoke Avenue.


For more details on the fireworks and a complete schedule of events for Pan-O-Prog, visit the Pan-O-Prog official website​.

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